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About Us

HogCall.com is a place where fans of the University of Arkansas' men's and women's sports teams can gather to read the latest news, find a statistic, view a schedule and chat with fellow Razorback fans. But most of all, it is a labor of love.

The site is independently owned and operated by Fritchie Technologies, based in Frisco, TX. Fritchie Technologies is owned by Bryan Fritchie, who has 14 years experience running a Razorback website.

Bryan was a founding member of The Trough, the UA's official unofficial student fan organization. He was the goofy-looking one. No, the other goofy-looking one. No, ... nevermind. Bryan also created the first Razorback fan site, Sooiee.com, on the Internet way back in 1994. Bryan and Chris then developed the first incarnation of HogCall.com just prior to the 1999 football season.

After a brief hiatus running a statewide sports site called mySportsReport.com, it's on again!

This site is a place for its owners and users to have fun being Razorback fans. We have, however, been known to accept six-figure donations or even the occasion banner ad. So don't be shy. If you're an eccentric Razorback fan with money to burn and want to perpetually fund the best Razorback fan site on the Internet with a few million, we're your boys.

Oh, by the way, this site is not in the least way affiliated with the University of Arkansas. In other words, we don't know why you haven't received your season tickets yet, so quit e-mailing us. Otherwise, have fun and GO HOGS!

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