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Hog Music: Coca-Cola T-Shirt

Waiting in line for one of the Basketball games as usual, a representative for Coca-Cola asked us if we had any ideas for a logo for a T-shirt they would be giving away to the students at the Cincinatti game. About a week before that game, those of us who were in the tent camping out started trying to think of ideas for the T-shirt, after all, if we were going to get the shirts we wanted them to be cool shirts.

We were all trying to think of a logo, and after thinking for awhile, I started trying to fit words to the Coca-Cola song "The Real Thing", and then we worked out a verse that we all liked. Unfortunately, after giving our new verse of "The Real Thing" to the Coca-Cola guy, they had to cut it back to the first four lines. Between it being too long, and having to pay too much to use Nolan Richardson's name, the second part just wasn't usable.

I'm not sure if they ever did sell the shirts, although they turned out to be really cool shirts. It has a Razorback on the top of the front, and it says Coca-Cola under that, with the logo of, "Same Tradition, New Team, Always the Real Thing..". On the back, it has another Razorback, and then the first 4 lines of the verse we wrote.

For those that are interested, the entire verse that we wrote is below.

The dunks will always jam,
The crowd will always scream,
As long as there are Hogs,
There's always the real thing!

Arkansas Basketball is always the one,
Where ever there are champs,
There's always Coach Richardson
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